About Sharaz Hossein

Sharaz Hossein, a former computer programmer and digital fine art reproduction specialist, listened to the calling and started on his spiritual journey. He does not hide the fact that he was a spiritual junkie for 15 years as it has allowed him to gain a vast amount of knowledge. Sharaz came to find that although knowledge is good, it is not as important as the practice. His life’s focus shifted to practicing his spirituality.

Seven years ago Sharaz started his study and practice of Ho’oponopono an ancient Hawaiian art and practice for healing and achieving greater clarity of our life’s purpose. Today he teaches this practice of cleaning/clearing data/memory from the subconscious mind through various workshops and individual sessions.

Since Sharaz was a child he became aware of his subtle body through many metaphysical experiences. He now recalls he was unaware of these gifts and took them for granted. His life long love of energetic vibrations and sacred geometry has brought his attention to the return of healing and creating from within. After studying the Chakra system and putting it into practice on the etheric, physical and psychological levels Sharaz wanted to share this wisdom with everyone. He has developed a workshop, Journey Through the Chakras, which gives you a look from all levels of the chakras and how it affects our lives.

In 2016, Sharaz was introduced to Quantum Sound Therapy, a technology that complements his love of sacred geometry and sound. This technology is so profound that without hesitation he knew it was essential as it provides a global shift of consciousness of how we heal on all levels. Quantum Sound Therapy, gave him a new vantage point to create in his life in ways he never imagined. In one of his downloads (visions), he was given directions to create a new powerful modality which he named, Pyramid Power Activation. This consists of a Nubian pyramid, the Miracle iQube and Reiki. His clients usually feel the benefits and shifts immediately after just one session of Pyramid Power Activation.

He is also developing new ways to produce multi-layered Soul Tones that not only break open the hidden walls of our subconscious minds but also embed the subconscious with prayers of Divine clearing and grounding from the Schumann Frequency, Selfeggio 528 Hz and 432 Hz for Self Love and physical healing. He saw the power in the sacred number “3” and was “guided” to combine three elements in the standard Soul Tones.


For many years Sharaz has been practicing what most now know as the Law of Attraction.  He realized that modern teachings do not necessarily teach others to go deeper than the conscious mind and they tend to over shadow the true purpose of the Law of Attraction and the teachings of some of his greatest mentors such as Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham (Abraham-Hicks), Bob Proctor, Louise Hay, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Today he has mastered the art of deliberate creation. Sharaz said,“there is really no other way to live, serve and enjoy life than when we create from within and completely detach from all that is outside of us.  Every single one of us has the power to consciously create but as life progresses we tend to develop energetic blocks and loose sight of our creative ability. All of these teachings you can learn and experience from his new workshop and 12 week course Reality Creation – The Art of Creating Your Life from Within.

Sharaz Hossein currently works out of the Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre in Burlington, Ontario.